Reclaim the real you.

Multi Modal Biometrics

Fingerprint Authentication

DNA Authentication

Iris Recognition

Facial Verification

Through state-of-the-art biometric authentication and forensic methodologies, DAL Identity establishes a robust and trustworthy Identity Management system. The protected identities and their associated biometric data are shielded from unauthorized access, providing unparalleled security in the verification process.

Built on Web 4.0 technology

Web 4.0 is the next generation of web infrastructure that is fully decentralized, super fast,
autonomous & totally secure. Our CTO invented it & built the core software as an answer
to the centralized deficiencies of Web 2.0 & the decentralized inefficiencies of Web 3.0.

The DAL Identity Mutual Credit Token

A new kind of private currency owned by you.

One token for each human being
(and only one token, issued one time)
represents each instance & each unit
of account — so only one token is
needed in perpetuity! Credits are
issued between people in units of
account, but not as new tokens.

Identity Key Instance

A new access key
generated in every
instance where personal
information is shared for
that one-time use.

Unit of Account

A new unit ledgered in
every instance where that
personal information is
shared & then discarded
after that one-time use.

Global Identity Comparison

Did you know?

50 Million People

Are reported to be modern
slaves, but we believe the
number to be as high as 250M.​

$10 Trillion

Are reported in corporate
losses every year mostly
due to illegal practices
based on fake identities…​
…in which slave labor is a
huge contributor.

We specialize in protecting human beings


Personal data weaponized against the human being.


Personal data owned, managed & monetized by the human being.

It’s time to end modern slavery. Full stop.

First and foremost, it degrades all of us human beings.

Then it drives up costs to businesses & governments, while leaving trillions on the table which would help rebalance the economy.

DAL International is a global company operated by a team of experienced forensics experts, law enforcement agents & technology pioneers who have come together to bring justice to the global identity space, which is slated to become a $328.4B industry by 2027. The members of our team know very well that the protection, management, redistribution & monetization of personal information based on digital identity presents both grave dangers along with significant opportunities for people of all walks of life. Our mission is to provide a world-class, turnkey solution & apply our experience to situations in which the conditions can quickly shift from rampant exploitation to tremendous economic opportunity for individuals as well as institutions.

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