Web 4.0


Web 4.0

Represents a transformative technology paradigm that shifts the economic focus from standalone manufactured products to specialized services designed to meet specific economic needs.

This evolution is facilitated by “microservices,” enabled through simulations of real-world interactions, such as those found in digital twins, which are virtual copies of real-world objects, and in custom Metaverses, which are virtual copies of real-world environments. These microservices allow products and services to be packaged in ways that align with business, market, or industry contexts, leading to significant cost reduction and the creation of new profit centers.

A key differentiator of Web 4.0 from its predecessors, Web 3.0 and Web 2.0, lies in the autonomy
granted to individuals. In Web 4.0, individuals can autonomously use or offer services without relying on third-party dependencies such as eCommerce providers (Amazon), search engines (Google), application providers (Apple), social networks (Facebook), or financial institutions (traditional banks or FinTech/Defi platforms). This shift places greater control in the hands of individuals and at an incredible scale.


Web 4.0 bridges the currently separated worlds of The Web, The Metaverse, and “Real World Things”. As the Web becomes object-oriented natively, Web Objects become Digital Twins of “Real World Things”. Like “Real World Things” you can grab, drag, drop, and use them in different contexts.
You can grab them:

  • with your hand
  • your finger
  • your mouse
  • your VR-Controller

And move them in:

  • between different Web Sites on different Web Domains,
  • between different devices like Desktops, iPads, Phones, and VR/AR Glasses
  • between different operating system technologies like Mac OS, android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Unix, …
  • between different vendors like Apple, Google, Samsung, Facebook/Meta, Amazon, Microsoft

It feels as natural in all worlds as in the real world.

Instead of “copying” a Contact, Document, or Shop Product, you share it via drag & drop and collaborate on the same thing. The same thing is always a Web Object, a Digital Twin owned by one identified real-life person shared with whomever he or she wants to share it with for collaboration. And one person can always withdraw consent for sharing and take their own thing back under their control.

There will no longer be fake people fake accounts and fake information. Just owned real-
world things and moved around in borderless digital worlds.


The implementation of Web 4.0 officially began in 2017, when it was introduced by its inventor Marcel Donges at the Paris OW2 Conference. However, the roots of Web 4.0 can be traced back to the “Internet of Microservices” initiatives from the early 2000s.

Major corporations like DHL, SAP, and Deloitte developed Internet of Microservices platforms to maximize economic opportunities within their client and partner networks, achieving notable success.

Today, Web 4.0 implementations have been adopted by entities such as NEOM and the European Space Agency, providing an Internet of Microservices at scale and in distributed capacities.

As the CTO of DAL Identity International, Marcel Donges has integrated the Web 4.0 interoperating
system and application development environment (WODA/ONCE) into our comprehensive Identity
Management System. This integration allows for the utilization and replication of Reusable Identity
solutions at the infrastructure level, proving to be significantly cost-effective and far more profitable
compared to other solutions.


Web 4.0 is viewed as a technology paradigm that is not only changing the way businesses operate but also enhancing governance for the better. It brings about a fundamental shift in how we conduct transactions, offering individuals greater control over their data and fostering economic opportunities through innovative microservices.


DAL Identity stands out as the premier Identity Management system, leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of Web 4.0. This positions us as trailblazers in True Identity Management, offering the sole solution dedicated to safeguarding Identities and facilitating the seamless integration of reusable Identities across diverse sectors, including Healthcare, Mining, Financial institutions, and any environment requiring precise Identity verification. Going beyond the realms of Blockchain and Web 3.0 protocols, our Web 4.0-based platform provides a stable and highly secure foundation for Identity Management. With DAL Identity, we transcend the superficiality of “selfie” solutions claiming “liveness detection” by maintaining a steadfast focus on authenticating Real-World Human Beings with unparalleled accuracy.

For further information about Web 4.0, you can refer to the official GitHub page at https://github.com/web4x/codingWeb4/wiki/Web-4.x-Home