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Who We Are

DAL IDENTITY is at the forefront of Identity Management innovation & Technology Solutions. Our cutting-edge solutions redefine how Identity is onboarded, managed, and verified, powered by our robust Forensic Protocol Management Systems.

By harnessing advanced Biometric Technologies, Fingerprint Authentication Solutions, DNA Technology Solutions, Iris Technology Solutions, and Facial Recognition all in ONE INNOVATIVE SOLUTION, we set an unmatched global standard for accuracy, security and utmost reliability.

At DAL Identity, we confront the mounting global threat of Synthetic Identities head-on. Whether they’re concocted by malicious actors or generated by AI-driven adversaries, our solution rests upon the revolutionary premise that Identity embodies a genuine presence in the physical world.

Grounded in this core principle, DAL Identity acknowledges the essence of Identity and we have taken proactive strides to neutralize Synthetic Identities.

In a landscape fraught with challenges, DAL Identity has emerged as a guiding light in the identity and security industry, demonstrating the attainability of authentic Identity Management. Through our unwavering dedication to preserving individual Identity and deploying cutting-edge technologies, our solutions fortify defenses against Synthetic Identities, Deep Fakes and other fraudulent Identities.

It’s a testament to our collaborative effort needed to safeguard our digital realm and uphold the integrity of personal Identity in an ever-evolving digitally threatened landscape.

Key Features:

Forensic Protocol Foundation

Our Identity Management Solution is rooted in a Forensic Protocol, ensuring data integrity, authenticity, and compliance with the highest industry standards. With an unyielding commitment to security, we guarantee that every interaction and identification is handled with meticulous care.

Unparalleled Biometric Precision

At the core of our system lies Biometric identification with unmatched precision. We utilize the unique patterns of Fingerprints and DNA to establish a secure identity foundation, with Iris and Facial biometrics offering additional layers of verification.

Fingerprints and DNA

Our solution harnesses the distinctive qualities of Fingerprints and DNA, providing foolproof identification that stands up to the most rigorous forensic scrutiny. This ensures that each individual’s identity is established with a level of accuracy that leaves no room for doubt.

Iris and Facial Biometrics

In addition to fingerprints and DNA, we incorporate Iris and Facial recognition biometrics. This multi-tiered approach fortifies identity verification, creating an impenetrable barrier against fraudulent activities and unauthorized access.

Differentiating from Selfie Solutions

While selfie-based solutions might seem convenient, our Forensic Protocol Identity Management Solution offers a critical difference. Selfie solutions are susceptible to spoofing and manipulation, making them vulnerable to security breaches. In contrast, our Forensic Protocol employs airtight Biometric methods, resistant to tampering or imitation.

Advantages of Our Solution:

Unwavering Security


Highly Accurate

Versatile Integration

Data Integrity


What we offer

DAL Identity has developed a cutting-edge solution for implementing True Identity Management with unparalleled speed and ease, ensuring a seamless experience for individuals registering on our system while maintaining the highest levels of accuracy.

Our Offerings:

Specialized Identity Management Solutions

Our cloud-based platform offers scalable and customizable business processes, covering Registration Onboarding and Protection & Authentication of Identities. Built, hosted, and managed by DAL Identity, a leading secure identity specialist service provider, our solution guarantees the utmost security and reliability.

Streamlined Integration

With modern application connectors, adding a new service with role management becomes a matter of weeks, not months. This significantly reduces implementation time, cuts costs, and boosts productivity, allowing you to focus on your core business without worrying about identity management skill shortages.

How you benefit

Benefits of DAL Identity:

Simplified In-House Identity Management

We remove the complexity associated with Identity Management, offering services and products that facilitate the development of international compliance and highly efficient Identity Management processes. This results in a secure architecture tailored to your needs, minimizing the requirement for expensive tools and systems.

Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solutions

Built upon a robust forensic protocol. Our offering combines cutting-edge technology and forensic expertise to deliver secure and reliable identity verification services.

  • Our IDaaS solution goes beyond traditional identity verification methods, incorporating elements of forensic science to ensure the highest level of accuracy and integrity. By leveraging forensic protocols, we enhance the reliability of identity verification processes, making them more resistant to fraud and tampering.
  • Our approach involves the systematic collection, preservation, and analysis of biometric data, such as Fingerprints, DNA, Iris scans, and Facial verification. These biometric markers are unique to each individual, ensuring a strong foundation for reliable identity verification. By following established forensic protocols, we maintain the chain of custody, adhere to legal and regulatory requirements, and guarantee the accuracy and credibility of the collected data.
  • Our IDaaS solution is designed to meet the stringent demands of industries such as law enforcement, financial services, healthcare, and more. Whether it’s verifying the identity of individuals for legal proceedings, securing financial transactions, or ensuring patient privacy in healthcare settings, our forensic-based identity verification adds an unparalleled layer of trust and confidence.
  • With our Identity-as-a-Service offering, you can rely on the expertise of forensic professionals, state-of-the-art technology, and a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and security. We are dedicated to providing a seamless and secure user experience while upholding the integrity of the identity verification process through our advanced forensic protocol.
Addressing Emerging Challenges

In the face of rising threats to Identity Management, institutions encounter new challenges. DAL Identity provides solutions to address these challenges head-on:

  • Secure Protection of Identities and Personal Information: Our system ensures the utmost security for client and employee data, safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access.
  • Efficient Governance and IT Resource Management: Our solution streamlines governance and optimizes IT resource expenditure, ensuring efficient utilization of resources.
  • Managing Compliance Costs: We help control compliance costs associated with flexible and scalable Identity governance, saving valuable resources.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Adhering to an increasing number of regulatory requirements, including GDPR in the European Union and POPIA in South Africa, is made easier with our comprehensive compliance tools.


Forensic Accuracy

DAL Identity’sTrue Identity Management Solution is built on a foundation of forensic accuracy, ensuring that all identity-related data is handled with the utmost precision and reliability.


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